Dulcie Gretton: Your PCI Certified Parent Coach®


My Credentials

  • PCI Certified Parent Coach® including completion of graduate level training from the Parent Coaching Institute and Seattle Pacific University.
  • Masters of Education
  • Simplicity Parenting Group Leader©
  • Completion of Levels I & II of the attachment-based developmental model with The Neufeld Institute

I love coaching parents! I experience deep joy and satisfaction in helping parents take steps towards change.


My Philosophy

  • I adhere to the practices of respectful and positive parenting, working with parents to foster positive secure attachments in their children.
  • I believe that parenting is about growth.
  • We are not here to raise our children, to discipline them or to make sure they “turn out” so much as we are here to grow them up, to grow with them and to be enlarged and enlivened by having them in our lives!